ASAC Report

Better late than never! Here is a TDSB staff report from the last meeting of the Alternative Schools Community Advisory Committee (ASCAC) on Dec. 14, 2020.

ASCAC (pronounced AY-sack) is a volunteer body of caregivers and students, which advises the TDSB on matters concerning alternative schools.

The primary business at the last meeting was voting in new chairs, student representatives and council members at large. Board staff and Trustee Shelly Laskin shared some information on TDSB budget consultations, COVID-related measures and outdoor education as well as the planned policy review for At the upcoming meeting on Feb. 22, an updated Terms of Reference will be voted on for the committee, and a working group on virtual workshops for schools is set to be discussed.

Any parents or caregivers interested in ASCAC or who wish to share thoughts or ideas around the larger picture of Toronto's alternative schools, please get in touch with Mountview's ASCAC rep, Ben Singer, at

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