Reallocation of Budget Funds

At Tuesday night’s SAC meeting it was approved by majority vote to re-allocate $8,200 of funds from the SAC budget.

Following the announcement on Feb 23 from TDSB that all classrooms are to receive HEPA air filters, the $5,000 that had been previously approved and allocated to purchase air filters for Mountview has been reallocated along with $3,200 carried over from last year’s field trip funds that parents elected to reinvest in the school.

The reallocated funds are required to be spent this school year and will be distributed as follows:

HEPA Filters + Field Trip Budget Reallocation:

  • Technology: $2000

  • Library: $2000 ($400 for each classroom to purchase books)

  • Sports equipment: $1000 + $250 already allocated to PhysEd

  • Committees: $1000 (Safety & Caring Committee for anti-bullying and conflict resolution programs)

  • Musical instruments: $1000

  • Virtual Field Trips and Activities: $1200

This distribution was determined based on results of the online survey of the school community conducted at the start of the school year. A copy of the updated budget is appended to this newsletter.

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