Updated Student Screening Tool

Toronto Public Health announced on December 4 that it has updated its COVID-19 student screening tool to prevent further opportunities for virus spread.

As part of this guidance, if a child has one or more new, or worsening COVID-19 symptoms, parents will now be required to:

  • Keep their child home.

  • Keep siblings and other children home, even if they do not have symptoms.

  • Arrange for the child to get tested or contact their health care provider.

  • Without testing, the child must stay home for 10 days.

  • Monitor the family for symptoms. Adults must stay home if they have one or more symptom.

The TDSB takes its lead from Toronto Public Health and will begin using this new screening guidance starting Monday, December 7, 2020.

Based on this update, here is the new student screening tool from Toronto Public Health, as well as the revised TDSB’s Health Pass. The TDSB Daily Health Screening App will also be updated to reflect these changes. The COVID-19 School Decision Guide is also a helpful tool to review.

Ensuring the health and safety of our staff and students is our priority and we all play a role. Again, one of the most important things families can to do help slow the spread of COVID-19 is to screen their children daily for COVID-19 symptoms and keep them home from school if they are sick or have had close contact with anyone diagnosed with COVID-19.

Thank you for your continued efforts to help keep our school environments safe and healthy.

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